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A Note From Our State Chapter

Please read and take individual action as you see fit.

October 20, 2019

SOMLA Members,

We have already seen cuts to our literacy programs in terms of qualified personnel, personnel numbers, materials, student/teacher ratios. We have endured national groups who have come to Annapolis with their canned personal agendas for reading programs in our State while insulting those who are currently providing instruction. As teachers, literacy professionals, and Maryland citizens. I encourage you to join the fight to fund the Kirwan Blueprint for Education.

Go to

Check out the Forums taking place across the State in support of Kirwan funding and register to attend an information session. Press the link that will allow you to notify the members of your State Legislature delegation that you support funding of the Kirwan Blueprint for Education.

We need to show Legislators and Maryland citizens that Quality Education in Maryland is important to us.


Donna Michel

Chairperson, Advocacy and Government Relations,

State of Maryland Literacy Association

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